How Can Orthodontics Help Prevent My Teeth from Getting Chipped?

Chipping your tooth is no joke. It can happen suddenly while munching on a snack or while playing contact sports. A tooth is also more likely to chip if it is not in the correct spot. Dr. Jerek Petrous and Dr. John Marx and the team at Petrous Orthodontics near Clawson MI could help you […]


Invisalign Teen: The Clear Alternative to Braces    

Dr. Jerek Petrous and Dr. John Marx and the team at Petrous Orthodontics offer their patients near Sterling Heights MI Invisalign Teen, a clear and removable orthodontic treatment meant just for their teenage patients. Invisalign Teen aligner trays are made of a clear thermoplastic material that are custom made to fit over the teeth. They […]


Do I Need Braces?

Dr. Jerek Petrous and Dr. John Marx and the team at Petrous Orthodontics have the knowledge and experience to advise their patients near Sterling Heights MI about orthodontic treatment options like braces. If the question is “Do I need braces?”, the answer may be easy to discern. What are braces? Braces are a system comprised […]


Why You Aren’t Too Old To See An Orthodontist

Many adults feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to undergo orthodontic treatment. But the truth is that adult orthodontics is very common. Orthodontics knows no age limit. In fact, statistics have shown that one-in-five patients receiving orthodontic treatment is over 21 years old! 1. Teeth shift over time. If you had braces as a […]

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How To Make Your Invisalign Treatment Quick and Easy

Invisalign patients of Dr. Jerek Petrous and Dr. John Marx enjoy a more comfortable and convenient orthodontic treatment near Troy, MI. The Invisalign system of plastic aligners are effective at providing the wearer with a straighter smile while being much less noticeable in the mouth. Invisalign offers benefits that traditional braces can’t offer; they are […]


I Just Got Braces… Now What?

Dr. Jerek Petrous and Dr. John Marx and the staff at Petrous Orthodontics provide their patients with the best orthodontic care near Warren, MI. They work hard to ensure that every patient is provided with the appropriate, gentle, and affordable care they need and expect to solve any orthodontic problem. Braces are made with three […]

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Before You Choose an Orthodontist, Read These Tips!

Most people think of braces when they think of orthodontic care, but there is more to it than that. Orthodontists are specialists who treat oral health care issues related to misaligned jaws and teeth. Dr. Jerek Petrous, Dr. John Marx and the team at Petrous Orthodontics know that when it comes to the health of […]


When Can My Child Get Braces?

While orthodontic treatment can start in patients as young as six years old, it is less about what age one can get braces than it is at what age they are ready for braces. Each child’s teeth develop differently, and that makes the appropriate age for braces differ as well. Some tips from. Dr. Jerek […]


What is an Orthodontist? 

An orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone special training to treat facial and dental anomalies like malocclusions (an abnormality in the alignment of the upper and/or lower teeth), similar to medical doctors that choose to specialize in fields like neurology and endocrinology. Something that many people don’t know is that all orthodontists are dentists, […]

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What Is the Difference Between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are two different products. The differences between the two might not be significant to the casual observer, but it is important to know the differences between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen when considering orthodontic treatment in Oakland County, MIDr. Jerek Petrous, Dr. John Marx and the team at Petrous Orthodontics know the […]