Braces Warren

Braces Warren

So you have a problem with your teeth arrangement, and decided to take the great leap towards braces?

Fantastic .. Applause all around. That decision was surely not easy. However, you are still a long way from done. Taking the leap is the first step, but you still have a couple of things to decide before you begin your journey. Follow our guide to find out all that braces Warren MI wearers have to know.

What other decision do I need to make and why?

The first step is the biggest for sure. Now, you have 2 important but less demanding decisions to make. These are:

  • What type of braces to get.
  • Which orthodontist to choose.

As to why, the answer is simple .. to make your long journey as easy and pleasant as possible. The type of braces you choose affects everything about your treatment, including time, comfort, accuracy and of course costs. The choice of orthodontist is also equally important. He is someone you would be spending a lot of time with over the course of the following year or so. He must possess some criteria to make the treatment bearable, and end up with great results.

What types of braces are available?

  1. Traditional braces:

    Old but gold. Traditional braces have been around for ages, and with good reason. Although they don’t look that great, they are still considered the gold standard when it comes to orthodontic treatment.

  2. Clear braces:

    If you find traditional braces a good option, but just can’t stand their appearance, then clear braces are the correct choice for you. They work the same way as traditional metallic braces but are made of clear ceramic rather than metal. So expect the same outcome, but with better looks through the treatment.

  3. Lingual braces:

    A solution for people who put appearance ahead of everything. Lingual braces are attached to the inner side of the teeth, making them virtually invisible. They are pretty irritating to the tongue and palate, though.

  4. Invisalign:

    Invisalign takes care of everything and solves every problem. They look great, are quite fast, incredibly accurate (as they are computer made), and extremely comfortable. Their only drawback is that they are not suitable for every case, such as very young children and cases where your jaw sizes mismatch.

What to look for in an orthodontist?

Just like any doctor, you have to be comfortable with your orthodontist. That is probably the main decider. However, we suggest you also Consider these pointers:

  • Look for someone close to your residence. This certainly makes the back-and-forth trips a lot easier.
  • Great reviews and plenty of before & after pictures showcasing his work is your window to how other people benefited from him over the course of his career.
  • It goes without saying that great credentials, certifications, and experience speak volumes as to how great an orthodontist is.

Where can I find the best provider of Braces Warren MI trusts the most?

Dr. Jerek Petrous, Dr. John Marx, and the team at Petrous Orthodontics are experts in braces, and ready to answer your questions anytime. If you have any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces, and clear braces in Warren or Madison Heights MI, or would like to schedule a complementary consultation with Dr. Jerek Petrous or Dr. John Marx contact Petrous Orthodontics at (248) 588-2020