How To Smile Perfectly For Pictures

How To Smile Perfectly For Pictures

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. Even if you have the prettiest clothes, the perfect shoes, and just the right amount of makeup, your look is just incomplete without a perfect smile. In a world where pictures are everything, you just have to have a perfect smile. There is a lot more to a smile than just baring your teeth.

Your smile has to be natural and real, not the posed uncomfortable type. And then, of course, your teeth have to be perfect, and that’s where we can help. Follow our guide to get to know all you need to about smiling, what it takes to have a great smile, and how to smile perfectly for pictures.

How Do You Smile Naturally For A Camera?

There are many types of smiles out there. You have your playful, flirtful smile, the smile that makes you feel superior, and even the little smile you do when you’re lying or feeling sorry for someone. However, there is only one type of smile that is true and genuine, known as the Duchenne smile. This is the smile that engages not only the mouth but the cheeks and eyes as well. It is the smile that you make when you’re actually, genuinely happy. Your whole face seems to light up with that smile.

How To Smile Perfectly For Pictures

Here is what you should do to get that smile: First of all, you have to have the right mindset for a genuine smile. You need to be happy, pleased, and relaxed. Think of a happy place that you like for at least 30 seconds, go there and imagine yourself at your happiest moments. Close your eyes when doing so, it helps with creating the right frame of mind. Once you’re there, open your eyes and just let your facial muscles do the work for you. The smile you see in that photo is a very genuine and beautiful one.

That is how to smile perfectly for pictures, at least the actual mechanics of it. But what truly makes a great smile? You probably know the answer by now: Perfect teeth.

How Do I Get A Perfect Smile?

Now that you possess the mechanical knowledge of how to smile perfectly for pictures, all you need now is an actually – physically – perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry is definitely on the rise. In today’s world, you would always snap pictures for anything. Whether you are at a party, doing some shopping, or just hanging out with friends, a picture speaks a thousand words, which is why you always have to have your smile ready.

Cosmetic dental procedures include:

  1. Teeth Whitening:

    Probably the most requested cosmetic dental procedure nowadays. Teeth whitening can give you a bright, shiny set of pearls that are absolutely perfect for photos. Teeth whitening can be done at home or in the dental office, but either way you choose, you have to be supervised by your dentist since the misuse of these products can lead to some severe side effects like teeth sensitivity and even increased liability for cavities and periodontal disease.

  2. Veneers:

    Veneers are also very trendy for one main reason: They are very long-lasting. Veneers are shells that can be made of Porcelain or Composite resin – the same material as dental fillings – that cover the outer surface of the teeth. Once they are placed, the outside of your teeth will look perfect. Veneers can fix spacing, stains, pitting and chipping of teeth, and even slight crowding.
    There is a newer, easier version of veneers known as the snap-on smile. It is a mold of perfectly shaped teeth that you wear on the outer surface without the need to file down the teeth and can be removed at will. It is fast and easy, with no side effects, but is not as long-lasting.

  3. Gum recontouring:

    A smile is not all teeth. Naturally, a smile is half white and half pink, meaning your gums are just as important for your smile as the teeth. Too much gum display can seriously damage a smile. In these cases, the excess gum is cut away – usually by lasers – in a quick painless session, making the proportion of the teeth to the gums absolutely perfect.

  4. Botox and fillers:

    Botox and fillers have gained so much popularity over the past few years that even dentists are now certified to perform them. They actually have dental uses – other than the commonly known uses such as lip plumbing or getting rid of wrinkles – where they can fix gummy smiles as well as some problems of the jaw muscles.

  5. Braces:

    Perhaps the most unexpected cosmetic procedure is braces. It is considered a cosmetic procedure since its main aim is to improve your smile. Braces are also becoming increasingly popular even with adults. Some adults do not like the shape of the traditional metallic braces, which is why the newer trend is the more esthetic braces options. These include clear braces, lingual braces – placed on the inside surface of the teeth – and the ever-popular Invisalign. All types of braces would lead to the same result, but looking good until you reach that stage makes all the difference.

Final Verdict: How Can I Look More Photogenic?

You need 2 things for a perfect smile: The mechanical knowledge of how to perform a genuine Duchenne smile, as well as a perfect set of teeth – and gums along with them -. The first one needs some practice on your behalf, but the second one is where we come in.

If you want to know more about how we can help you on your quest of “how to smile perfectly for pictures”, give us a call, and you’ll get some amazing tips from Dr. Jerek Petrous, Dr. John Marx, and the team at Petrous Orthodontics. They are the experts in braces, and ready to answer your questions anytime.

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