Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist During a Free Consultation?

What Questions Should You Ask Your Orthodontist?

Have you scheduled an orthodontic appointment recently? You should be ready for your introductory orthodontic consultation if you say yes.

A consultation for braces is the first step in achieving a wonderful smile!

You will receive a great deal of information at your initial ortho visit, and your Orthodontist, Treatment Consultant, and Financial Coordinator will contact you to discuss your options for treatment.

Throughout your braces consultation, make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed choice about your treatment. Don’t know what to Ask Your Orthodontist? We are using this list to prepare questions for your braces appointment.

Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist in Oak MI


Ask Your Orthodontist – What Is the Duration of My Treatment?

Your therapy’s duration is determined by various circumstances, including how severe your treatment is and which product you choose. Your orthodontist will estimate your treatment time based on expert opinion and previous experience with comparable situations.

Knowing how long your therapy will take can help you plan for significant occasions like graduations, marriages, and meaningful work events.

Ask Your Orthodontist – Is It Possible to Whiten My Teeth While Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment?

Some offices sell whitening solutions that may use while undergoing orthodontic work.

During your orthodontic consultation, Ask Your Orthodontist what whitening products they advise, and once you can use those. Instead of bleaching during orthodontic therapy, your doctor may prescribe brightening before or after.


Ask Your Orthodontist – What Will the Level of Discomfort Be?

Braces cause a bit of discomfort towards the beginning of your treatment. Most patients notice a significant decrease in pain after an initial couple of weeks of treatment.

Ask Your Orthodontist – Is It Necessary to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed Before Starting Braces?

Adult teeth typically do not have to be extracted to begin orthodontic therapy. However, a treatment plan may require a patient’s wisdom teeth extraction BEFORE receiving treatments.

During your braces consultation, Ask Your Orthodontist if your wisdom teeth extraction should occur before the treatment can begin?

Ask Your Orthodontist – Can I Participate in Sports While Wearing Braces?

Inform your orthodontist about any sports you’re interested in joining or have already committed to playing. Most sports will require an athletic mouthpiece designed with braces in mind.

Check with your orthodontist to see which athletic mouthguard they advise for your treatment. Many patients benefit from the OrthoGuard.

Ask Your Orthodontist – If I Have Dental Problems, Can I Begin Treatment?

Your teeth and oral health should be thoroughly examined and addressed during your braces consultation. 



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