Clear Braces For Teens

Clear Braces for Teens

If you have a preteen, you probably know that it is time to start thinking about orthodontic work. This is the age when it is so important to start a treatment plan for straightening and correcting teeth. However, many teens and preteens fear the prospect of getting braces. They know that traditional braces can be painful and conspicuous.

Thankfully, there are now options available for straightening your child’s teeth without changing their appearance. That is why Dr. Petrous offers clear braces for teens.

Clear Braces for Teens Make the Teenage Years Easier

Clear braces for teens make straightening teeth easy. Your children can keep doing all the things that they love. There is no need to make changes to athletics or your children’s diet. Plus, they won’t cause issues for school, relationships, or even school dances.

On the other hand, traditional braces require a lot of upkeep and drastically restrict the wearer’s diet. With clear braces for teens, your children can keep eating and doing the things they love.

In addition, clear braces are almost invisible. In fact, even adults can use them without noticeable changes in their appearance. It is the easiest way to straighten teeth, making clear braces for teens a perfect fit.

Braces That Don’t Get in the Way of the Things They Love

Let’s face it — being a teenager is hard enough without hiding your smile behind metal brackets. Dr. Petrous offers clear braces for teens that help your child feel more confident and even develop a better social life.

What is more, clear braces for teens are much less painful than other methods of straightening teeth. With metal braces, people are always on the lookout to protect their tongue and lips from getting painful cuts. In the meantime, the braces can get in the way of doing the things that they love. Whether that is playing sports or playing a musical instrument, metal braces can mean a lot of pain over the years.

However, with clear braces for teens, your children can participate in all the things that make the teenage years great. That includes athletics, music, theater, and more.

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