Relieve Braces Pain

7 Tips on How to Relieve Braces Pain

Despite how effective they are in treating misalignment and bite issues, a lot of individuals don’t want to get braces because they’re afraid of how painful it is. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but there are ways to reduce the discomfort, and our Orthodontist in Royal Oak MI is here to share some helpful tips you can follow to relieve braces pain.

7 Tips on How to Relieve Braces Pain

Saltwater Rinse

Every brace wearer has experienced getting cuts and sores inside their mouths. The metal can rub, and the wires might dig it, and your mouth is filled with painful cuts before you know it! Braces have a nasty habit of creating cuts and sores in your mouth.

Throw in the general ache of tightened wires, and the feeling is definitely uncomfortable. One of the best and simplest remedies to treat this is by gargling and rinsing with warm saltwater.

All you have to do is boil the kettle for a few minutes, then wait for the water to cool down a bit and add some salt. When the temperature has dropped, swish it in your mouth for a minute or so. Spit the solution out when you’re done, and repeat if needed.

While it sounds simple, when salt and heat are mixed together, it has significant healing properties that can help the cuts and sores in your mouth. You’ll notice that the pain has reduced, and the wounds will heal faster as well.

Orthodontic Wax

It’s highly likely that the orthodontist will give you some orthodontic wax before you leave the clinic. Orthodontic wax is known to relieve braces pain. This special wax protects the inside of your cheeks, lips, and gums from the brackets. The orthodontic wax creates a barrier that prevents the sharp ends of the brackets from irritating your mouth.

All you have to do is mold the wax over the bracket where the irritation is happening. The wax is not toxic, so don’t worry if you accidentally eat it. Just remember to remove it before you brush your teeth and reapply after.

Over-the-Counter Medicine

The remedies mentioned before are all effective in reducing braces pain. However, there are moments when the pain is too unbearable that a trip to your local pharmacy would be helpful. In that case, having over-the-counter medicine would make a huge difference.

Check your pantry or visit the nearest pharmacy for some ibuprofen, paracetamol, or something that gives a similar effect. Follow the recommended dosage, and you should start to feel better. Keep in mind that while the pain may ease, the sore area can still be present. As soon as the painkiller wears off, you’re back to where you started.

Ice Pack

An ice pack or anything cold can bring a good numbing effect to relieve braces pain. Think of when you accidentally twisted your ankle or suffered another injury. The first thing you’ll immediately do is let it rest and place an ice pack on the affected area. The cold coming from the ice pack reduces inflammation and numbs the painful feeling.

The same goes for your teeth, assuming they’re not too sensitive. Grab an ice pack, or wrap some ice in a towel and place it on your mouth, specifically against the affected area. You can also eat some ice cream, nothing like a tasty way to soothe the pain.

If these options aren’t available, then you can simply get a glass of ice-cold water, and it does the trick. As soon as you finish your orthodontic appointment, drink a glass of cold water and it should numb your mouth in order to relieve braces pain, and discomfort.

Soft Foods

Traditional metal braces come with a lot of restrictions, including the kind of food you can eat. You need to avoid gum, hard candy, nuts, and other kinds of food that are hard to chew with braces in Royal Oak.

The best solution for this is to eat soft foods such as mashed potatoes, soup, and ice cream. Doing so can relieve braces pain and prevent your braces from getting damaged.

Even if you have Invisalign on, you still need to be gentle with your mouth and stick to soft foods.

Gum Massage

This may not be everyone’s first instinct, but a gum massage can help relieve braces pain, too, similar to massaging a sore back would. Rub your gums in a circular fashion, gently using your fingers. You may also rub your gums with an ice cube before you massage them. The ice should be placed long enough just to relax your swollen gums.

Hot Peppermint Tea Bags

Fan of peppermint tea? Now’s your excuse to drink them all you want!

Not just that, don’t let the tea bag go to waste. You can use it to relieve braces pain. It’s another simple home remedy that’s full of healing properties that can reduce soreness and inflammation. The leftover heat in the teabag can have a significant effect, too. Place the used teabag against the affected area to relieve braces pain.

If you have peppermint essential oil, it can be used for the same purpose. Place a few drops on the affected area of your mouth to soothe and numb the area.

Relieve Braces Pain


Nobody likes the discomfort braces have, but for the sake of fixing alignment and bite issues, we have to do what we got to do. But that doesn’t mean we have to endure the pain. With the tips mentioned above, we can guarantee that your entire braces journey doesn’t have to be painful. And, the end result will be even more worth it.

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