Braces For Child

Braces for Child: 5 Important Things to Know Before Treatment

Braces for child come in different types and sizes and can be applied to different ages. They also work on varying cases of orthodontic issues, ranging from straightening crooked teeth to correcting misaligned jaws. But before you decide to get braces in Royal Oak, there are a few factors that you should consider.

Things to Know Before Getting Braces for Child

#1 – There are different types of braces for child.

The choice of braces depends on your child’s age and the severity of their orthodontic issue. Braces can range from traditional metal braces to clear braces and removable aligners. Your orthodontist will be able to recommend the best braces for your child’s condition.

Below are the different types of kids’ braces:

  • Traditional Metal Braces – These braces use metal brackets and wires to align the teeth. They are suitable for almost all types of misalignment issues and are the most affordable braces option. Metal braces require regular adjustments and thorough cleaning to prevent staining and food buildup.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces – These braces are less visible than traditional braces and use ceramic brackets to align the teeth. Clear braces can be used to correct mild to moderate cases of misalignment. A lot of patients who don’t want the braces to be noticeable prefer this type.
  • Lingual Braces – These braces are placed on the back of the teeth and completely hidden from view. Lingual braces are suitable for mild to moderate cases and can consist of self-ligating braces. The braces are more difficult to clean due to their placement, and regular check-ups are necessary to make sure that the braces are working correctly.
  • Invisalign or Clear Aligners – These braces are suitable for mild to moderate cases and use a series of removable aligners to straighten the teeth. The braces need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day and are entirely removable during brushing or when needed.

#2 – It’s recommended for kids as young as seven to consult an orthodontist.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids get an orthodontic check-up as early as age seven. Early orthodontic treatment can help with the prevention and correction of misaligned teeth and jaw issues before they worsen. After the initial check-up, your orthodontist will be able to recommend the best braces option for your child.

In some cases, your child may not even need to wear braces, but it’s important to monitor their teeth’ growth and development. In doing so, you can avoid braces altogether or have braces for a shorter duration.

#3 – Braces require regular check-ups and maintenance.

Once braces are applied, regular check-ups are required to monitor the progress of your child’s braces. Your orthodontist will adjust the braces when necessary to ensure that they are working correctly and make sure that your child’s teeth are in alignment.

In addition, braces for child require proper maintenance to prevent staining and food buildup. Your orthodontist will provide instructions on how your child can clean braces and take care of them properly. Some braces, such as Invisalign braces, are removable; however, they still require regular cleaning and maintenance.

#4 – Braces for child can cause pain and discomfort, but it goes away eventually.

When braces are applied, there may be some pain and discomfort in the first few weeks until your child’s mouth gets used to them. The braces may also start to feel tighter as the teeth move into their correct positions. But this is actually a good indication that they are working on correcting teeth misalignment.

To help your child cope with the pain, you can give them over-the-counter pain relievers and encourage them to practice good oral hygiene. In addition, braces can cause additional sensitivity in the gums and teeth, so applying fluoride toothpaste can help to reduce discomfort.

#5 – Choosing a trusted pediatric orthodontist makes treatment fast and efficient.

Choosing a trusted pediatric orthodontist is key to ensuring braces for child are successful and that your child’s braces experience is as stress-free as possible. An experienced orthodontist will be able to customize braces treatment and provide the best advice on how to care for braces.

Your orthodontist should also be able to answer any questions you have and provide reassurance that your child’s braces experience will be a positive one. With professional braces treatment, your child’s braces experience can be fast and efficient.

Things to Look for in A Trusted Braces for Child Orthodontist

Braces For Child

  • Good orthodontic credentials (education and network)
  • Extensive braces for kids experience and expertise
  • A commitment to providing excellent braces treatment
  • A positive attitude toward working with young patients
  • Convenient location (for orthodontic appointments)
  • Complete choice of orthodontic treatment for kids
  • Warm and child-friendly staff
  • Kid-friendly office
  • Modern orthodontic technology
  • Competitive braces pricing plans
  • A commitment to providing quality brace care
  • Flexible braces payment options
  • Retainer program

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Braces For Child

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